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Steps for Documents Legalization

1-   Complete application for consular legalization through the website www.geoconsul.gov.ge , and upload the following:

·         Applicant’s recent Photograph;

·         Applicant’s Passport and Residence permit in Kuwait or UAE;

·         The documents that to be legalized.

2-   Payment of fees is possible by depositing to the bank accounts of the Consulate at National Bank of Kuwait:

NBK account number in Kuwait: 1007487868

NBK account number in Dubai: 6020100278141

Legalization fees

·         25 USD per document for the documents issued in Georgia

·         15 USD per document for the documents issued in Kuwait or UAE

3-   Print the application and submit it with the original documents (with translation in English Language) to the Consular Service office of the Embassy of Georgia.

4-   The application is referred to the relevant officer to ensure all documents and data are submitted.

5-   The applicant will be informed about the date and time to collect the documents back after being legalized.   
       Please provide prepaid return airway bill